VW Audi Camber Alignment Tool

VW Audi Camber Alignment Tool
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The Audi A4 and the VW New Passat have a unique front suspension that uses four individual control arms (links) at each corner.  The purpose of this geometry is to provide a "virtual steering axis" that minimizes torque steer and bump steer.  The design provides no conventional provision for camber adjustment.  In these vehicles, camber is adjusted by shifting/sliding the entire engine cradle laterally (left-right). This does not change total camber … rather, it allows you to equalize camber from side-to side … you subtract X degrees from one side and add X degrees to the other. This tool is equivalent to the factory tool VAG-1941 and allows the adjustment to be made in a precise and controlled manner.

The process works as follows (please refer to the factory service manual for detailed instructions on your vehicle):
(1) Remove the belly cover and loosen the subframe bolts - 8 bolts
(2) Attach the special tool to bolts 3 & 4 (image below)
(3) Use the transverse screw in the tool to move the engine cradle in small increments. 

This tool is required for proper camber alignment when performing a wheel alignment or any time the engine cradle is removed for service.


Material:  Chromed and Black oxide coated steel


Application Make:  VW, Audi


Application Detail:  

  Audi A4 - 1995 to present 

  VW Passat - 1998 to present

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