BMW Mini Cooper Crankshaft Pulley Remover and Installer

Price: $99.00
Product ID : KT20402-2



Description:  This application specific tool designed specifically to safely remove AND Install the crankshaft pulley (harmonic damper).  It safely isolates the vibration damper to prevent damage when removing the crank pulley. 

To remove the pulley, the puller includes three bolts to attach to the pulley and a central bolt to exert the pulling force.  The central bolt is fitted with a ball-bearing at the contact point in order to minimize the amount of force required, insure smooth operation and significantly reduce the potential for crankshaft damage.  This kit also includes the extension rod that is required in several applications because of a deep recess in the front of the crankshaft.  Two sets of bolts are included: M6x1.5 and M8x1.25

To install the pulley, the central bolt is installed along with the pressing die.  The pressing die is equipped with a heavy-duty ball bearing to reduce friction (lower installation force) and to prevent damage to the pulley face.

Equivalent to factory part numbers: 1123 7525135, 1123 7525135, 11 8 270

Material:  Zinc and Black-oxide plated steel

Packaging:  Individual cardboard box.

Application Detail:  All 4-cylinder BMW-Mini engines

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