Audi A4 A6 A8 FSI V6 V8 Master Camshaft Timing Kit

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A comprehensive tool set to set timing on late-model VW/Audi FSI engines.  This tool set includes:
  • Two camshaft alignment fixture that secure and maintain TDC timing alignment when the cam belt is serviced or removed for other front-engine or cylinder head service tasks. (Equivalent to OEM tool T40070)
  • Locking pin (Equivalent to OEM tool T40071)
  • Crankshaft locking pin used to hold the crankshaft at TDC (Equivalent to OEM tool T40069) - This pin is threaded to fit a 14mm diameter hole and is by far the most common size used by VW/Audi .. however, we have encountered engines in the families listed below that use either a 12mm hole or 18mm hole ... Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell which pin your car requires without a physical examination.  If you require an altenate pin size, they are available individually as follows: 12mm pin = Part Number KT20210 and 18mm pin = Part Number KT20268.
  • Crankshaft turning socket (Equivalent to OEM tool T40058)
  • Molded storage/carrying case

Material: Black-oxide plated steel

Application Make: Audi

Application Detail: 

Late model Audi / VW FSI V6 & V8 engines with the following engine codes:

  • AUK
  • BDW
  • BGP
  • BGQ
  • BKH
  • BPK
  • BYU
  • BVI
  • BNS
  • BYH
  • CAUA
  • BXA
  • BSM

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