BMW Valvetronic valve spring installer / remover tool

Price: $290.00
Product ID : KT20421



Description: A specially designed tool to safely remove and install the high tension valve springs that act on the intermediate levers on BMW valvetronic engines.  Ensures quick, easy and safe hanling of these high-force springs.  This is an updated version of KT20375 and now fits all N51, N52 and N55 engines fitted with the 58mm VVT Spring Blocks.  If your engine is fitted with new-style in 55mm wide VVT spring blocks, you will need an alternate tool that we do not carry at this time.

Material: Black oxide coated steel and anodized aluminum

Application Make: BMW

Application Detail:  

Applicable to the following engine families that are used broadly across the BMW range of vehicles:

  • N51 – Normally aspirated Inline 6, produced from 2004-2011 featuring dual VANOS and Valvetronic.
  • N52 – A low-emissions version of N51 … same specifications and production dates.
  • N53 – Normally aspirated Inline 6, produced from 2007-2011 featuring dual VANOS and Direct Injection.  Not used in North America.
  • N54 – Twin-turbo Inline 6, produced from 2006-2008 featuring dual VANOS and Direct Injection.
  • N55 – Single-turbo Inline 6, produced from 2009-present featuring dual VANOS, Valvetronic and Direct Injection.

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